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Bat, Bee & Hornet Removal Service is a locally family owned and operated certified Pest Control Services Company serving Richmond, VA and surrounding areas since 1971. We provide Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services at competitive prices. Providing quality-assured Pest Control Services by taking your environmental security to the next level has been the hallmark of our success for nearly 45 years. We have expert technicians that specialize in removing outdoor pests such as bats, bees, hornets, raccoons, opossums, moles, squirrels, snakes, and birds from your living areas and commercial sites. All animals are treated humanely using safe trapping methods and relocated to their natural environment.

Professional Exterminators & Pest Management Specialists

Bat, Bee, & Hornet Removal Service of Richmond, VA has the longevity to prove our high-quality services, friendly customer care, and professional courtesy are a standard part of services rendered. Recruiting the leading experts in the community with a like-mindset and a dedication to our greatest asset, our customers, Bat, Bee, & Hornet Removal Service is able to ensure the needs of our customers are met and the services are done with efficiency and care. In addition to having leading experts on our team, Bat, Bee, & Hornet Removal Service uses premium products and advanced equipment to make sure pest control services are done right the first time and the results are maximized.

Pest Control Experts

Bat, Bee, & Hornet Removal Service understands the potential harm pests can do to homes and businesses in Richmond, Virginia. To help protect your health and your home or business from damage, you need the experts of Bat, Bee, & Hornet Removal Service for a thorough and precise services. With the experience, formal training, and ongoing education, Bat, Bee, & Hornet Removal Service professionals can problem solve the unique and complex invasions and preventative maintenance just as easily as the common pest control concerns.

Pest Control Services in Greater Richmond, Virginia

When it comes to your pest control needs in Richmond, VA, Bat, Bee, & Hornet Removal Service is readily available and has the flexibility and dependability to conduct the pest control services you need for your home or business. Contact Bat, Bee, & Hornet Removal Service for your preventative maintenance, if you find you are infested with pests, or need assistance with careful trapping and relocating services.

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      "Excellent exterminator! We have retained their services for residential pest control like ant control, cockroach control and rodent removal. They always do an excellent job and we feel better knowing they have our back!"

      Lincoln Webb

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