Judy K
February 24, 2014

Bat, Bee & Hornet Removal Service were referred to us by our neighbors when we first moved to Richmond about 6 months ago. We were looking for a residential pest control company to provide a bed bug inspection service. Our neighbors said they used them for the commercial pest control and wildlife removal at their office. Apparently they need raccoon and squirrel removal when the critters start chewing the wiring on the solar panels and such. Anyway, they did such an outstanding job on the inspection that we kept them on for the bed bug control as well and never looked back. Now we call them for everything from rodent removals to ant control and they do an outstanding job keeping our home pest free. A big thanks from the Kelleher family!

Jack H
February 24, 2014

This company did outstanding work. There was a great amount of speed and accuracy. I am satisfied and confident to refer this company to others. Thank you!

Kona A
February 24, 2014

Good work! – Great work! Thank for removing the bees from my house!

Michael D
February 24, 2014

I would definitely recommend this company to everyone! It's very reliable and trustworthy. They are always prompt and take pride in their work. I have used them for several months, and have always been happy with their service.

Janice L
February 24, 2014

Paul Davis has always been prompt, professional, courteous, and willing to answer my questions. I have used his services several times and am always pleased and impressed.

Mary J
February 24, 2014

Great Service! I called at 5pm and the man was very nice to came at that time.. so he removed the bees and now my children can play at the garden without fear! Thanks!

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      "Excellent exterminator! We have retained their services for residential pest control like ant control, cockroach control and rodent removal. They always do an excellent job and we feel better knowing they have our back!"

      Lincoln Webb

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