Local Wildlife & Critter Removal Services

Bat Bee and Hornet Removal offers a variety of services to the residential homes and commercial businesses of Greater Richmond, Virginia area. In 1971, we become a professionally licensed and insured pest company and for over 40 years we have diligently built a favorable reputation for ourselves. Holding onto old fashion values, we incorporate high moral standards, exceptional work ethics, family-friendly customer service, and superior execution on all services rendered. Bat Bee and Hornet Removal technicians are experienced experts and in conjunction with state of the art equipment and top quality products offered exclusively to licensed professional, we ensure premium results.

Wild Animal Removal Services

Bat Bee and Hornet Removal catering to the residential homes and commercial entities throughout Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas with our highly effective wildlife removal service. Included in our wildlife removal service can include, but is not limited to the following:
– Bat Removal
– Squirrel Removal
– Raccoon Removal
– Snake Removal
– Skunk Removal
– Bird Removal
– Beaver Removal
– Mole Removal
– Groundhog Removal
– Possum Removal
– And More

How to Get Rid of Bats in Your Roof, Ceiling & Outside Your House

The bats, often roosting in your Richmond, Virginia home’s attic space are an annoying pest that usually moves in without permission. The problem with bats in your home or business is not the noisy behavior of nocturnal activities, but their guano (feces) that can potentially include bacteria and parasites and similarly to birds, contain acidic compounds. Between the acceleration of deterioration and damage, guano and the possible health risks involved; getting bats removed from your property is imperative. Bat Bee and Hornet Removal professionals have the knowledge and know how to effectively remove any bat intruders from your attic or other areas of your home or business.

Nuisance Roosting Pigeon & Bird Removal

Birds such as pigeons for example, are natural squatters. If they find a location convenient for feeding, drinking, and roosting, they rarely move on without motivation. Your home or business in the Greater Richmond, Virginia area can experience a lot of damage by their nesting habits, as well as their droppings piling up. As previously mentioned, bird droppings are composed of acidic compounds that can compromise many surface materials. The continuous layers building up only provide the area with more concentration, accelerating the damage. Like bat guano, pigeon’s droppings can possibly contain parasites and bacteria causing ailments. If your commercial property or residential dwelling is overwhelmed by birds, Bat Bee and Hornet Removal experts will perform our wildlife removal service to rid your home or business of these pesky pests.

Local Wildlife & Critter Removal Services in Midlothian & Greater Richmond, Virginia

Other wildlife animals intruding in homes and businesses across the Greater Richmond, Virginia area are often passing through in search of food, water, or even mating. Though these pests can be a burden to endure, they are easily removed with the aid of Bat Bee and Hornet Removal wildlife removal services. Avoid the damage and messes they can inflict on your home or business by hiring us to properly remove these pests. Bat Bee and Hornet Removal has strategies, methods, and techniques in our bag of tricks, to offer solutions for your wildlife removal service. If you are experiencing some wildlife pests making life a little less tolerable, contact us to remove the wild life wreaking havoc and we will do the rest!

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