Facts About Bees in Glen Allen, VA; Bees Make Honey, Pollinate Plants, Live in a Colony Inside a Hive & More

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Throughout the years moviegoers across the country have enjoyed box office hits in a variety of different genres. Movies have been made produced on just about every topic you can think of. We bet you will not be surprised to discover that here at Bat Bee and Hornet Removal we frequently take a particular interest in movies that are about pests and rodents. Years ago, Disney produced “The Bee Movie.” As you would expect, this movie is all about bees. Millions of people have enjoyed learning about bees as they watched this box office hit. Today Bat Bee and Hornet Removal is going to teach you even more about bees.

Bees Make Honey

When you mention bees the first thing that many people think of is honey. Bees are indeed known to produce honey. They produce honey that they store in their hives to help keep them alive during the winter months. Bees are so efficient that they are able to produce more honey than they consume. This allows us to enjoy some of their delicious honey. Honey bees are actually the only insect that produce food that is eaten by man. Honey actually has a large variety of uses. Many people use honey for medicinal purposes. It can be used to help with sore throats, digestive disorders, skin issues, hay fever, and more. Since honey has antiseptic properties it can be used to treat burns and cuts. When we eat honey, it gives us a natural energy boost.

Bees Pollinate

In “The Bee Movie” a bee’s ability to pollinate flowers was highlighted. Pollinating flowers, fruits, and vegetables is an extremely important function of bees. When bees pollinate these other plants, they are actually helping them grow. If there were not bees to perform this function flowers, fruits, and vegetables would be in danger.

Bees Live in a Colony Inside a Hive

Most people know that bees live in colonies. These colonies are called hives. Inside the hive the bees are broken into three different groups: queen bee, workers, and drones. In every hive there is only one queen. The queen’s job is to lay the eggs. These eggs help the next generation of bees to be born. Worker bees are always female. Their job is to forage for food; build the hive; and protect the hive. When we run into bees flying outside the hive we are typically seeing worker bees. The last category of bee is the drones. Drone bees are all males. Their job is to mate with the queen. Each type of bee must perform their job in order for bees to continue living. Bees fly around from spot to spot to perform their duties. There are many interesting facts about bees and their flying abilities. Honey bees can fly for up to six miles in one flight without stopping. They can fly as fast as 15 miles per hour. They beat their wings up to 200 times per second.

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Hopefully you have learned something new about bees today. If you find bees on your property you will want to enlist the help of Bat Bee and Hornet Removal to help you get rid of them. You can call us at 804-745-6000 for more information about our services.

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